IMG_7630 - CopyWorship is important at Coila. We are commanded repeatedly in Scripture to praise God and to enter his courts with thanksgiving. Worship is our joyful response to all that God is, says, and does. We understand that the richness of our corporate worship will be a reflection of our private times of worship. Thus, it could be said that our times of worship at Coila are an attempt to develop an entire Christian worldview and serve to equip us, by God’s grace, to live out that worldview in our community and throughout the world, to the glory of God.

At Coila we place a high emphasis on the supremacy and authority of the Bible and the glory of God. Therefore, during our Sunday morning worship services we sing hymns and songs of praise derived from biblical texts, we read the Bible, and we pray in accord with the Bible. Each worship service also includes of time of Christ-centered, expository preaching. This is a time where our pastor explains the meaning of particular passage of Scripture (usually as part of a larger study of a whole book of the Bible) and describes how that passage relates to the work of God in eternity, creation, history, and redemption in Jesus Christ, and how all of that applies to our own daily lives.

Our Sunday morning worship service usually lasts about an hour and a half. Our worship is usually rather structured, yet not highly liturgical. Our goal each Sunday is to be consciously Christ-centered and God-exalting in all that we do by directing attention to the person and work of Jesus Christ and the majesty of the one true God in every aspect of our worship. Our worship music makes use of a blend of God honoring traditional hymns, contemporary praise choruses, and classic hymns set to new arrangements.

To find out more about a typical worship service at Coila you can listen to a recent sermon at the links below.