At Coila our congregation is governed by a representative form of church government led by a board of elders called the Session. The elders are elected by the congregation at our annual meeting and together are responsible for the spiritual care and oversight of the entire congregation.

Our Pastor

Peter Bailey –  Cambridge, NY

Our Elders

Tom Rogers
Scott Niles
Luke Olson

Our Trustees

Nelson Eddy – President
LeRoy Anderson – Secretary
Dan Davala
Mark Griffin
Mike Shaner

Our Deacons


The ordination and installation of Kristen Zing as a deacon.

Rosie Bates
Sally Eddy
May Erhardt
Kristen Zing
Mechaela McAlone
Janessa Griffin

Church Secretary

Judy Woelfersheim

Church Treasurer

Pamela Billings

Church Historian

Rosie Bates

Sunday School Superintendent

Beth Knecht

Sunday School Secretary

Kristen Zingg